TietoAkseli takes a significant growth step

Finnish accounting services companies TietoAkseli Group and Turun Tilikeskus merger in the transaction signed on 11 February 2022. The transaction strengthens TietoAkseli’s position especially in the Southwest Finland, which is an important area for TietoAkseli’s growth.

“The consolidation trend in the accounting services industry continues strong, and we aim at being an active player and taking part in the development with an open and bold manner. We want to grow and develop together with Turun Tilikeskus as an organization that is genuinely professional, invests in the well-being of the personnel and applies a customer-centric approach,” comments Samuel Akselin, the CEO of TietoAkseli.

After the transaction, the combined net sales of TietoAkseli increases to over €17 million and thereby the company becomes one of the ten largest companies in Finland that provides accounting services for the private sector. After the closing of the transaction, which is expected within the coming weeks, TietoAkseli employs altogether approx. 250 accounting professionals in eight locations.

The transaction does not affect the personnel of the companies, but rather provides better opportunities for professional development and career paths as the size of the organization grows and new services are developed.

The closing of the transaction is expected to take place during February 2022.

New services to our customers and attractive career paths to our professionals

Turun Tilikeskus that has operated in the industry since 1965, have attained a strong position in its region. The entrepreneurs Vesa Halme and Mikaela Dahlström of Turun Tilikeskus shall continue as shareholders of TietoAkseli. With their commitment and expertise, they ensure the continuity of the professional services in the region.

“With the stronger resources we can develop new services to our customers and provide attractive career paths to our professionals. Together we can be an even more significant player in the industry”, says Vesa Halme, partner of Turun Tilikeskus.

Mikaela Dahlström continues as the CEO of Turun Tilikeskus until she moves to a new position in the TietoAkseli group at the end of the year. Vesa Halme continues in his current position in the Turku office. Together with all the professionals of Turun Tilikeskus they bring to TietoAkseli expert knowledge especially in real estate matters.

”We share the same values and company culture with TietoAkseli. We take good care of the expertise and well-being of our employees. At the end of the last year, we received a recognition as a family-friendly workplace from the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto), and these kinds of good practices will also be continued together with TietoAkseli”, continues Mikaela Dahlström, CEO, Turun Tilikeskus.

TietoAkseli is a Finnish specialist providing financial administration and accounting, HR and payroll, auditing as well as transaction advisory services for small and medium sized companies. It was established in Jyväskylä, Central Finland, by Mikko and Sari Akseli in 1991.

From the left: Vesa Halme (partner, Turun Tilikeskus), Mikaela Dahlström (CEO, Turun Tilikeskus) and Samuel Akselin (CEO, TietoAkseli)


Further information:
Kimmo Vanne
Partner, MB Funds
+358 40 552 8398 or kimmo.vanne@mb.fi

Samuel Akselin
CEO, TietoAkseli Group
+358 40 558 6128 or samuel.akselin@tietoakseli.fi


TietoAkseli briefly
TietoAkseli, established in 1991, is a Finnish specialist providing financial administration and accounting, HR and payroll, auditing as well as transaction advisory services for small and medium sized companies and organizations. After the transaction with Turun Tilikeskus, the net sales of the TietoAkseli Group is over €17 million and it employs over 250 professionals in eight locations in Finland.

Turun Tilikeskus briefly
Turun Tilikeskus offers full range of accounting services to its customers in Turku region with over 50 years of experience. Net sales of the company is over €6 million and it employs nearly 100 accounting professionals.