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Our investments

  • Raksystems


    Raksystems, founded in 1989, is a company specialising in property wellbeing. As the leading building condition assessment and indoor air service provider in Finland, Raksystems has completed more than 150,000 condition evaluations and surveys.
    Investment year:
    Net sales (2021):
    63 M€
  • Parmaco


    Parmaco designs, manufactures and rents pre-fabricated high-quality modular buildings primarily to municipalities in Finland and Sweden for use as day-cares and schools, but also as nursing homes and office spaces.
    Investment year:
    Exit year:
    Net sales at exit:
    101 M€
  • Cityterveys


    Cityterveys, founded in 2014, focused exclusively on medical diagnostic services and operated independently of large medical chains and traditional health centers.
    Investment year:
    Exit year:
    Net sales at exit:
    20 M€

MB Funds as a responsible partner and investor

Promoting great Finnish growth stories and supporting companies in their quest to reach international markets and remodel their businesses has been an intrinsic part of our company since its inception. Creating value for each enterprise has been based on organic growth, domestic and international business acquisitions, streamlining operations, and improving market position and value chain efficiency.

Investing is more than mere capital. It involves cooperation and sharing expertise, experience and networks. Trust and consistency are vital for sustainable business, values that we promote and that ultimately lead to expansion and development.

With these objectives in mind and working in close cooperation with our portfolio companies, we have also managed to create employment opportunities and wellbeing, in addition to growth and wealth.


MB is known for principles based on commitment and partnership

MB Funds is a Finnish private equity firm with a long history and an impressive track record in building business growth since 1988. We invest in mid-sized enterprises in Finland, many of whom operate in international markets. Since 2006, we have focused on majority equity investments.

The cornerstones of our operations are responsible ownership, trust-based partnership and productive cooperation. Our operating model has been refined throughout the years and has proven its efficiency.

Our greatest strengths are our extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise. To date, we have successfully invested in approximately 40 mid-sized Nordic companies.


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