InCar Oy, the largest provider of vehicle damage repair services in Finland, and Awux, the network of industry’s leading entrepreneurs, to merge

InCar Oy and Awux Autopalvelut Oy have signed a cooperation agreement in which the vehicle damage repair entrepreneurs of Awux network to join InCar chain forming together a service network of nearly 100 workshops specializing in vehicle damage repair and car painting. The new formed network provides services for private and business customers in 57 municipalities from now on, and its net sales is over 80 m€.

The aim of the cooperation is to take the service experience and the efficiency of operations in the industry to the next level through a truly nationwide service network. This is a strategic growth initiative to provide car drivers with the most effortless vehicle body repair services in Finland. The entrepreneur-led concept known as the Awux operations model forms in the future a basis for the entrepreneur-led part of InCar chain. By the end of this year, in connection with the audit process, the visual brand of Awux workshops will change to blue, the brand colour of InCar. The new workshops operate as individual entrepreneurs, however, as part of the InCar network.

The COO of InCar Oy, Tommi Vatén views the signed cooperation as a significant step forward for the whole vehicle repair industry. “As the entrepreneurs of Awux join our network, we continue to further develop InCar services and expansion in many new locations. I can identify the strengths of repair shop entrepreneurs – having been one myself – and now we get this substantial experience and versatile knowhow into the network. We are eager to develop further this network with the new InCar partners.”

“Joining the InCar network gives our entrepreneurs new kind of opportunities to develop their businesses. The nationwide agreements and the innovative processes coupled with the local entrepreneurship give the entire network an opportunity to produce more versatile and high quality services”, describes Taneli Hakkarainen, the chairman of the board of Awux Autopalvelut Oy.

InCar, established in 1991, is a multi-brand repair shop specialized in vehicle damage repair, car painting and windshield repair services. The company has 41 workshops, 350 employees and in addition, nationwide partner network of 12 InCar-partners. InCar is a subsidiary of Suvia Group, the leading provider of vehicle damage inspections and damage repair services in Finland.

The company’s services are used by leading insurance companies in Finland, consumer clients and companies. InCar repairs more than 50,000 vehicles annually.

Further information:
Marko Jussila: InCar, CEO, 040 544 0810
Tommi Vatén: InCar, COO, 0400 707 501