MB Funds to strengthen the growth of Cityterveys

MB Funds has signed an agreement with the founder of Cityterveys Oy, docent, M.D., Specialist in Radiology Martti Kiuru to adhere the shareholders of Cityterveys and thereby support and strengthen the strong growth of Cityterveys. The arrangement has become effective on 20 February 2015.

Cityterveys is a leading private diagnostics healthcare service company in Finland, having customer service units in Helsinki, Tampere and Vaasa. The main services are magnetic resonance imaging and laboratory tests. The services comply with the high quality standards and are cost efficient and flexible for the customers. Cityterveys aims to expand the service network rapidly in Finland.

Mr. Martti Kiuru continues in his roles as the CEO and a major owner of Cityterveys.

For further information, please contact:

Juha Tukiainen
Partner, MB Funds
+358 400 791 679

Martti Kiuru
CEO, Cityterveys
+358 40 581 1545.