MB Funds purchases modular space business from Cramo

Companies set up by MB Funds have signed a contract of sale with Cramo Plc subsidiaries Cramo Finland and Cramo Production. Under the contract, Cramo will sell their custom-made modular space rental services business and their modular space production functions in Finland. In 2011, the revenue for the purchased business activities totalled 31 million euros.

The custom-made modular space rental business currently covers 86 rental modular complexes in different parts of the country. The complexes primarily have long-term rental agreements with municipalities as day care and school facilities, nursing homes and industrial office solutions.

The transaction also includes the production functions for modular spaces and industrial buildings in Finland. The related factories are located in the municipalities of Leppävirta and Pyhäjoki. They currently employ an estimated 160 people. Cramo will remain a significant production customer after the sale.

The CEO of the buyer companies will be Ossi Alastalo (45). Alastalo has managed Cramo’s modular space business functions for the company’s Fleet Management since 2006.

Alastalo: “This business acquisition enhances our opportunities to develop custom-made modular space rental services for our customers. We can now put more resources into such development. In this way, we can provide our customers with even better quality and more efficient modular solutions for their long-term needs. The municipal sector, for example, requires new solutions for the increasing demand for day care and schooling facilities.”

Juha Tukiainen from MB Funds: “We see interesting future prospects for flexible, custom-made modular space solutions. We want to be a part of developing this business for the benefit of our customers. This transaction also includes the purchase of Finland’s leading modular space production functions, which gives us an excellent opportunity for developing our service selection.”

For more information, please contact:

Juha Tukiainen
Partner, MB Funds
+358 400 791 679

 Ossi Alastalo
+358 400 634 732.