MB Funds is now the main shareholder of Suomen Transval Oy

The ownership base of Suomen Transval Oy is expanding. MB Funds became the main shareholder of Suomen Transval Oy in a business transaction concluded on 30 June 2010. The current main shareholder, Kari Valtanen, will be the most significant minority shareholder, and the entire current management will continue in the company as shareholders.

Suomen Transval Oy is a pioneer in logistics outsourcing services on the basis of its experience in activity-based pricing. The company focuses on its clear core competences and is a renowned service provider in its industry.

“Growth in Suomen Transval Oy continues very strongly. This decision is very positive for us and we are very satisfied with it. MB Funds brings experience and resources needed in developing and expanding our operations,” says Risto Vilo, CEO of Suomen Transval Oy.

MB Funds considers the field and operating concept of Suomen Transval Oy very interesting. The company has achieved a strong market position and, in this way, proved that its business idea works”, notes Matti Mertsola, a partner at MB Funds.

Further information:

Matti Mertsola
Partner, MB Funds
+358 400 602 568

Risto Vilo
CEO, Suomen Transval Oy
+358 400 904 253

Kari Valtanen
+358 400 848 162