Noora Haverinen, a compassionate innovator in the construction industry, appointed as the CEO of Welado Group Ltd

Welado’s determined, responsible, and human-centered journey towards becoming the most sought-after expert platform in the Nordics continues with Noora Haverinen assuming the position of CEO of Welado Group Ltd. Haverinen will start as the CEO of Welado on May 1, 2024.

Matti Tervonen, the founder and longtime CEO of Welado, will transition to Welado’s board and will continue working on railway projects as well as coaching in various strategic development projects, as usual.

” I have served as the CEO for 13 years, and passing on the torch at this point feels natural. It was important to me that the successor comes from within the company, embodies our values strongly, and based on those values, can grow Welado into an even more international player. After working closely together for years, I know Noora Haverinen fulfills these criteria excellently. With her bold and open approach, Noora can lead us towards our goals of creating a Nordic Welado, humanizing reform in the construction industry, and developing a more responsible work environment,” says Matti Tervonen.

Noora Haverinen, who graduated as an industrial engineer in 2011, has been involved in consultancy throughout her career and has served as Welado’s development director for the past six years. She has been responsible for strategy as well as the development of Welado’s identity, growth capability, and growth. Additionally, she was responsible for the integration management of Swedish STHK AB in Stockholm from 2022 to 2023.

” Matti Tervonen has led Welado exceptionally well. He is a respected and well-liked person among both Welado employees and customers. I value our connection that has developed over the years, and it’s important to me that Matti can continue to support and spar with me from the board,” says Noora Haverinen.

Welado aims to expand its expert services in the built environment and achieve responsible growth in the Nordics. Responsibility means maintaining a strong Welado identity and culture during growth, actively influencing cultural change in the construction industry, developing a modern and well-being-centric work environment, and maintaining a healthy economy that enables sustainable business operations. These actions ensure that the best experts in their fields continue to choose Welado and, as thriving individuals, provide our customers with the best quality.

” I strongly believe in humane, transparent, and shared work – that’s how a modern work environment and a responsive and capable organization are built. Welado’s companies are united by values and a strong culture. I want to cherish and develop the increasingly international spirit of Welado. The cultural change in the construction industry is close to Welado’s heart, and also mine, and I intend to promote it to my best ability. For example, trust, collaboration, attractiveness, and diversity all require special attention in our industry”, Haverinen explains.

The change in CEO will not affect customer projects for either party.

“I will be able to support Noora’s work and the company better from the board in the future, and on the other hand, I will be able to help our customers and Welado employees in railway projects more closely. I look forward to the future and find it interesting that I can develop Welado from a new perspective,” says Matti Tervonen.


Further information:

Kimmo Vanne
Chairman of the Board, Welado Group Ltd
Partner, MB Funds
+35840 552 8398 or

Noora Haverinen
CEO, Welado Group Ltd (as of May 1, 2024)
+35840 760 6551 tai

Matti Tervonen
CEO, Welado Group Ltd (until 30 April 2024)
+35840 749 3065 tai


Welado briefly:

Welado Group Ltd is a Finnish-owned company aiming to grow in expert fields related to the built environment in the Nordics. Welado Group Ltd owns all companies within the Welado group.

Welado Ltd is the home for experts who act as developers, project managers, and supervisors in railway, infrastructure, energy, and real estate projects, as well as offering versatile consultancy services in areas such as industry, risk management, information modeling, safety, environment, project communication, and sustainability.

STHK AB is Welado’s brand and company in Sweden, specializing in railway digitalization, focusing on both rolling stock and ERTMS solutions in infrastructure. STHK also offers project management and supervision services in infrastructure and energy sectors.

Welado Design Ltd provides infrastructure design services for railway projects. The strength of Welado’s design lies in its deep understanding of the implementation chain of infrastructure projects.