Mintly grows – more data security services and information security skills through an acquisition

Mintly and Wesentra have agreed to join their forces through signing on June 30, 2022 an agreement whereby Mintly Holding Oy acquires all the shares of Wesentra Oy. With this transaction the data security and certificate services of Wesentra shall strengthen the service portfolio of Mintly.

Wesentra is a data security services company founded in 2015 and it has grown and strengthened its market share during the last years. The most important elements of Wesentra are high job satisfaction and expertise, helping the customer and personal service. Wesentra delivers the customers with SSL certificates integrated with proprietary technical service as well as a Finnish verification service. SSL-certificate for example verifies the digital identity of the service provider of the web service and secures the data traffic between the browser and the data service and tells that the web site can be trusted.

”The certification services by Wesentra are based on the products of Entrust, the market leader, and the high class services of Wesentra specialists. Our success is based on personal service that is direct, skilful and prompt as well as on the local verification of the organizations in Finland. With Mintly we share the same values where the focus is on the satisfaction of both customers and employers and on the security of the service. We see that with Mintly we can create new pages into the story of Wesentra” says the CEO Leena Kuuri of Wesentra Oy.

”Mintly is the leading independent ICT intergator in Finland. The compan’sy growth is strong, the customer satisfaction and drive for renewal are tremendous in order to be the best place for both customers and specialists, both now and in the future according to its vision. The transaction with Wesentra further strengthens our strategy based on exceptionally satisfied customers, long customer relationships and the strongest knowhow in the industry”, says the CEO Timo Mutka of Mintly.

The specialist services company Wesentra, focused on local Finnish certification services and on developing the data security of customer businesses, shall get a new owner from Mintly specialized in IT networking security and information security and data centre solutions. Wesentra and Mintly shall, with the increased resources, invest strongly on developing the services and growing the operations.

Further information:
Leena Kuuri
CEO, Wesentra Oy
+358 40 574 5080 or

Timo Mutka
CEO, Mintly Oy
+358 50 372 0872 or


Wesentra briefly
Wesentra, founded in 2015, is an information security provider that focuses on safety of network traffic and digital identity. Wesentra has grown profitably during the last years and it has increased its market share. Wesentra provides its customers with certification services and other IT security services such as phishing protection and simulation services.

Mintly briefly
Mintly, founded in 2017, is a Finnish independent IT networking- and information security house, whose expertise in network security, IT networks and infrastructure is reputed as the best in the market. Mintly has grown fast and established its position as a trusted and secure partner for large domestic corporation and public administration organizations. The main owner of Mintly is MB Funds. Mintly’s net sales is approx. €18 million, and the company employs more than 40 world-class professionals.

MB Funds briefly
MB Funds is the leading Finnish private equity investor founded in 1988. Total assets under MB Funds management stand at 0.5 billion euro with prime Finnish institutions as its main fund investors. MB Funds has successfully invested in approx. 50 mid-sized companies in the Nordics.