International business competence to Protacon’s Board of Directors

Tuomo Pyykkönen, M.Sc. (Tech.), M.Sc. (Econ), has been invited to Protacon’s Board of Directors. He will contribute with international experience in software business, technology related service business strategies and sales and services management.

Tuomo Pyykkönen works at Oracle as Vice President. During his long career at Oracle, he has held senior management positions in international business related to Oracle’s consultation and customer support in Finland and abroad. Mr. Pyykkönen also has prior experience in forest industry software and automation services at ABB and Nokia, for example.

Protacon’s Board of Directors comprises five members. Juha Tukiainen, CEO of MB Funds, will continue as the chair. The other board members are Aapo Eskelinen from MB Funds, Jari Salo, CEO of TEVO LOKOMO, and Senior Advisor Timo Akselin.

Further information on the activities of the Board of Directors is available from Juha Tukiainen, Chairman of the Board.

Juha Tukiainen
Chairman of the Board
+ 358 9 1310 1313