MB Funds to support the development and growth of Spider Med

MB Funds invests in a Finnish dental care company Spider Med to support the growth story of the company. The founding entrepreneurs of Spider Med continue developing the company in their current roles and as significant owners together with MB Funds. At the same time, a larger number of dental care professionals will also be invited to own Spider Med.

Joona Iso-Lotila, Arttu Rissanen and Pinja Pesonen founded Spider Med in 2020, and as since the company has grown into a significant partner in dental care for both public and private sector operators. Spider Med offers its services nationwide with novel effective and efficient operational models. Today, Spider Med has a pool of over 450 dental care professionals.

“Spider Med aims at being an authentic partner for our customers and providing high-quality and impactful dental care. In addition, we want to further develop the already branded Spider-spirit and offer diverse work opportunities for dental care professionals. We see a significant role for MB Funds in this story, securing and supporting the company in its growth journey, enabling even greater strides towards achieving our goals. I look forward to the future and to the new and unique opportunities we will build together in the dental care sector”, states Joona Iso-Lotila, CEO and the founding entrepreneur of Spider Med.

With the increased resources Spider Med plans to strongly invest in developing and expanding its operations over the coming years.

”Spider Med has quickly gained a strong position among both public and private sector customers as well as dental care professionals. The CEO and one of the company’s founding entrepreneurs, Joona Iso-Lotila, together with his team, has created a genuinely open and caring culture within the company, which is reflected in patient-centered and high-quality services, as well as satisfied dental care professionals. Despite its young history, the company has operated as a pioneer in the dental care sector and has excellent opportunities to continue developing customer-centric operating models and its strong growth.”, comments Anssi Mattila, partner of MB Funds.

Further information:
Anssi Mattila
Partner, MB Funds
+358 50 538 5806 or anssi.mattila@mb.fi

Joona Iso-Lotila
CEO, Spider Med Oy
+358 40 721 2737 or joona.iso-lotila@spidermed.fi


Spider Med briefly
Spider Med, founded in 2020, is a Finnish dental care company, providing services for both public and private sectors nationwide in Finland. We offer our services to customers with novel effective and efficient operational models, where the customers always receive what they have ordered according to the agreed service promise. We are specialised in comprehensive and effective dental care backlog project services, we offer dentist and dental hygienist services in our dental clinics for service voucher and purchase service customers as well as we provide dental care professionals for public and private sector operators. www.spidermed.fi

MB Funds briefly
MB Funds is the leading Finnish private equity investor founded in 1988. Total assets under MB Funds management stand at 0.5 billion euro with prime Finnish institutions as its main fund investors. MB Funds has successfully invested in approx. 50 mid-sized companies in the Nordics. www.mb.fi