MB Funds to accelerate the growth of MiNTLY

A Finnish fast-growing IT security and networking professional Mintly gets MB Funds, a private equity company with over 30 years of experience, as its main owner. The founding entrepreneurs of Mintly shall continue as significant shareholders in the company, and Timo Mutka as the CEO of the company.

Mintly Oy was founded in summer 2017 with the purpose to bring together under one roof the best technical skills in the market and the selected leading technologies, and to offer these solutions for the customers with fast response times. In the core of the fast-growing company are customer focused solutions, very high employee engagement, top-quality consultancy work, and world-class expertise in selected technologies.

Today, the revenue of Mintly is €18 million and the company employs 40 professionals. Mintly provides its customers IT network, information security, and IT infrastructure solutions services, including for example consultancy, IT architecture planning, implementation of network solutions as well as various recurring services. The vision of the company is to be the most competent, manufacturer- and operator-independent, partner for its customers in the market and at the same time the best place to work for its employees.

”Mintly is a leading independent ICT integrator in Finland. The company has a strong growth, high customer satisfaction, and a passion for transformation to achieve its vision as the best house for its customers and professionals, today and in the future. We at MB want to support the entrepreneurs and the management of Mintly to bring in new professionals on board as part of the Mintly’s skillful team and hence to accelerate the growth of the business. It is also essential to maintain the company’s strong core of extremely satisfied customers, long-term customer relationships, and customer-centric approach.”, comments Jussi Salminen, partner of MB Funds.

“In the heart of Mintly’s business has always been the desire to ensure the best place to work for our professionals and to offer our top-satisfied customers solutions and services that are based on products by the leading manufacturers in the market. We wanted to strengthen the ownership of the company in order to be able to achieve our company’s ambitious growth targets faster. We are convinced that MB Funds is the right partner for us to support our growth journey.”, states Timo Mutka, CEO of Mintly.

With the increased resources the management of Mintly plans to invest in the strong growth of the company. To achieve the growth, the company continues to increase the amount of personnel by hiring new top-class professionals to strengthen the current team, to expand the service offering, and considers potential add-on acquisitions.

Further information:
Jussi Salminen
Partner, MB Funds
+358 (0)40 834 5818, jussi.salminen@mb.fi

Timo Mutka
CEO, Mintly Oy
+358 (0)50 372 0872, timo.mutka@mintly.fi

Mintly briefly
Mintly, founded in 2017, is a Finnish independent IT networking- and information security house, whose expertise in network security, IT networks and infrastructure is reputed as the best in the market. Mintly has grown fast and established its position as a trusted and secure partner for large domestic corporation and public administration organizations. Mintly’s net sales is approx. €18 million, and the company employs 40 world-class professionals. www.mintly.fi

MB Funds briefly
MB Funds is the leading Finnish private equity investor founded in 1988. Total assets under MB Funds management stand at 0.5 billion euro with prime Finnish institutions as its main fund investors. MB Funds has successfully invested in approx. 50 mid-sized companies in the Nordics. www.mb.fi