Raksystems Group continues to expand by acquiring Swedish company Byggkonsultgruppen AB

Raksystems Group, the leading property wellbeing expert in the Nordic countries, is consolidating its expertise in Sweden by acquiring all the shares of Byggkonsultgruppen AB, a company best known for inspections of new apartments and buildings. The acquisition will be final in April 2021.

Operating in Stockholm and its surroundings, Byggkonsultgruppen has a broad clientele, including building companies focusing on new buildings, insurance companies, private builders and construction co-operative societies. Its main clients include JM AB, BoKlok Housing AB, Gar-Bo and Obos Kärnhem. Its range of services is comprehensive, and its key service areas are technical building inspections, building work supervision and building consulting. The company is renowned for the commitment of its employees, high quality and problem-solving approach. Byggkonsultgruppen inspects approximately 3,000 apartments, 200 homes and dozens of office buildings, schools and other large properties annually.

“To further support the solid property development and project expertise of Projektledarhuset, which is already part of Raksystems Group, we are now bringing a top-ranking inspection company on board. We have been working with Byggkonsultgruppen’s experts for quite some time. In Raksystems Group, we can now serve our customers even more comprehensively”, says Örjan Kjellström, CEO of Raksystems PLH.

“Byggkonsultgruppen will reinforce our Inspections & Surveys service area in Sweden and enable us to provide even more sustainably produced high-quality services”, says Raksystems Group CEO Marko Malmivaara.

“We consider Raksystems to be a strong owner that enables new opportunities for us. We are looking forward to high-standard synergies and productive partnership within Raksystems Group, and we believe that the acquisition will promote our future growth”, says Daniel Drottshage, CEO of Byggkonsultgruppen.

The acquisition of Byggkonsultgruppen, which was established in 2009, provides superb backing for Raksystems Group’s solid service portfolio. Through the acquisition, Raksystems Group will employ more than 550 experts, pro forma net sales of over EUR 60 million in 2021. Raksystems Group serves Swedish and Finnish customers in green construction, property surveys, inspections and certificates, and also provides property development, construction supervision and design services.

Further information:
Marko Malmivaara, Group CEO, Raksystems, +358 40 046 4934, marko.malmivaara@raksystems.fi
Örjan Kjellström, CEO, Raksystems PLH, +46 8 588 919 10, orjan.kjellstrom@projektledarhuset.se
Daniel Drottshage, CEO, Byggkonsultgruppen AB, +46 8 128 55 701, daniel@byggkonsultgruppen.se

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