Raksystems Group becomes Finland’s largest radon industry company

Raksystems Group is expanding its service offering in Finland by acquiring the entire share capital of Suomen radonhallinta Oy, a company offering radon measurement and expert services nationwide. Working in close cooperation with radiation and nuclear safety authorities, Suomen radonhallinta Oy is the largest radon industry company in Finland. The acquisition will enter into force in December 2020.

Established in 2013, Suomen radonhallinta Oy has extensive experience in servicing housing companies, large property owners and consumer customers. The company offers its customers the following:

  • Occupational safety radon measurements for monitoring radon risks
  • Statutory radon measurements at workplaces, mines and public premises
  • Soil radon measurements
  • Radon risk surveys
  • Radon measurements for consumer and housing company customers

Suomen radonhallinta Oy has a very extensive customer base consisting of housing companies and corporate customers, as well as public and private property owners. The company annually produces radon services for thousands of sites and performs around 20,000 individual radon measurements per year.

“The services of Suomen radonhallinta Oy excellently complement Raksystems Group’s services for the owners and users of properties and its environmental services. The company’s experts are doing important work, because odourless, tasteless and invisible radon gas is sometimes found in the indoor air of buildings. Radon gas is dangerous, as it can cause cancer when entering the lungs. The company is ideal for Raksystems Group, and the services it offers will boost the performance of our Inspections & Surveys service area,” says Marko Malmivaara, the Group CEO of Raksystems.

“In our shared future, I see great synergy benefits, the opportunity to expand our service offering to our existing customers and the opportunity to find new common customers who require expert assistance for their properties and the health of their users,” says Jarkko Ruokonen, the Managing Director of Suomen radonhallinta Oy.

The turnover of Suomen radonhallinta Oy was €2.3 million during the accounting period that ended in May 2020. The acquisition strengthens the position of Raksystems Group as the leading property wellbeing expert in the Nordic countries and expands the company’s service portfolio in Finland. Raksystems Group serves Swedish and Finnish customers in the fields of green construction, property surveys, inspections and certificates, as well as provides property development, construction supervision and design services.


Additional information:
Marko Malmivaara, Group CEO, Raksystems, tel. +358 40 046 4934, marko.malmivaara@raksystems.fi

Jarkko Ruokonen, Managing Director, Suomen radonhallinta Oy, tel. +358 50 382 3591, jarkko.ruokonen@suomenradonhallinta.fi

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