Event marketing agency TAPAUS Ltd. appoints Robin Bade as Board Member

Nordic’s largest event marketing agency TAPAUS Ltd. has appointed Robin Bade to its Board of Directors. Bade is a renowned digital marketing expert and one of the founders of the creative marketing communications and digital services agency Mirum.

TAPAUS invited Robin Bade to join its Board in order to strengthen the company’s ability to meet its international customers’ needs by deepening the impact of B2B and B2C events, expos and influencer events with digital marketing.

“We want to deepen the integration between face-to-face encounters, marketing and digital touchpoints. I have known Robin for a long time, and we’ve been keen on finding a way to work together. Now was the perfect time to combine our expertise and invite him to join our Board to support our growth goals.”, says TAPAUS’s CEO, Timo Aalto.

Marketing is constantly changing. And as companies’ marketing efforts become more and more digitalized, there’s a growing need for a counterforce: face-to-face interactions. Experiences and encounters create unique content that fuels social media.

“As most customer encounters currently happen online, become physical encounters and engagement more valuable than ever. The value of real-life customer encounters and their impact on purchasing behavior is a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant. Businesses should now rethink their customer encounter strategies to balance out the virtual interactions. I’m very interested in this development, and I think the events industry needs new pioneers to lead the way. I believe TAPAUS has the potential to be one of them.”, Robin Bade says.

In the summer of 2019, TAPAUS strengthened its expertise in consumer events and marketing by acquiring Roof Productions Ltd. The acquisition of Roof will fast-track TAPAUS’s growth into international markets by enabling it to better serve its clients’ all event marketing needs.

“At this point I can’t imagine a better person than Robin to help us implement our growth strategy. Robin’s business skills, his experience in internalization of his own business and in digital marketing across numerous fields, is totally unique in Finland. And that is why his contribution will be so valuable to us.”, says Kimmo Vanne, Chairman of the Board, TAPAUS Ltd. and partner at MB Funds.

Robin Bade will start as Board Member at TAPAUS immediately.

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Timo Aalto, CEO, TAPAUS Ltd.
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Founded in 2012, TAPAUS Ltd. is an event and expo agency that believes that the interactions between people are the key to business success. Our 90 hard-working and passionate event marketing professionals have helped TAPAUS grow into the chosen partner of the biggest and best-known companies in Finland both at home and across the globe. TAPAUS Ltd.’s pro forma turnover in 2019 is expected to reach 28 million euros.

Robin Bade is an entrepreneur and investor with a growth mindset and a recent successful business exit. He works as an Independent Business Consultant helping companies to navigate in today’s digital marketplace. He is a recognized expert in the field of Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Amazon marketplace. His experience in entrepreneurship, business internationalization, and digital marketing have opened opportunities for him to act as an active Angel Investor, Advisor and Board member in several businesses operating in professional services industries, SaaS and subscription businesses and many more. He contributes with substantial value to companies set to grow by international market expansion, more effective marketing and better leveraging digital channels.